Retail market planning & development

Effective retail marketing drives awareness, traffic and, ultimately, converts shoppers into loyal customers. Increasingly, shoppers are frequenting a multitude of retail outlets through an evolving and intricate path to purchase. This path is more holistically referred to as the “consumer-shopper journey” since the consumption experience also influences purchase behavior. Retail marketers have a critical role in influencing their target shopper throughout the “consumer-shopper journey” as they maneuver in and out of research, browsing, purchasing and consumption activity.

Worldwide shipping

Call Boston Tomato whenever you have produce shipping or refrigerated load requirements. We've become a well-known and respected transporter of produce and refrigerated freight. Our diversified network of carriers can meet any unique requirements. We put all of our logistical strategic processes to work for our customers, and this makes our ongoing relationships with customers and carriers a necessary component in our everyday produce shipping and refrigerated freight logistical process.

Customized labeling

Printing custom fruit and produce labels can be a complex process whether you need a tomato label or apple sticker because they have to withstand varying temperatures, constant handling, moisture and more. Your custom labels will not only be printed with FDA compliance in mind, they will tempt consumers’ taste buds with crisp graphics and vibrant colors.

Customized packaging

We’re used to working closely with even the most demanding chain stores and distributors to give them the customized packaging they want. Whether it’s a specific lid with a certain label on it or a specific item number needed on the case, we’ll do it.