Company Profile

Boston Tomato is a major supplier of fresh tomatoes, fresh herbs and specialty produce and vegetables in New England. We service produce distributors, food service companies, retail markets (independent and chains), food processors and retail grocery warehouses.

All of our products are bought directly from farms all over the world including ones in California and Florida. By using these diversified purchasing methods we ensure our customers will receive the freshest product available along with a maximum shelf life.

Excellent quality is one of the three main goals of the company. The second is product safety. Our farms follow the directions and guidelines from the USDA and the FDA for growing, processing and sanitation of the fields. We take all the necessary steps to guarantee our customers the best and safest product.

The last goal is exceptional service. Along with providing our customers with a high quality safe product, we do so in a manner that is extremely convenient to them. We offer year around availability on our products, customize packaging to fit their applications, customize labeling, and competitive pricing.

Boston Tomato is a USDA PACA member as well as a Blue and Red book member.